Since the first day of its establishment, Fuchs has approached local values with respect and has sensitively fulfilled the conditions of global competition within the framework of ethical rules. Fuchs, which has achieved many "firsts" throughout its 110-year history in Turkey, and has grown confidently in its own sector with the vast trade knowledge and experience of 4 generations; continuing to create future projections with its milestones, awards and commercial successes in its history. Shaping Fuchs' past; we can reflect on its history that sheds light on its present and future;

  • 1909

    Textile; laid the groundwork for chemistry

    It was 1909 when family representatives of the first generation founded the first Fuchs company to trade in textiles. When Johann Fuchs came to Istanbul from Switzerland, his commercial adventure, which he started with textiles, would continue along the same path for exactly 40 years.

  • 1950

    The chemical raw material trade started

    In the early 1950s, Fuchs continued to evolve through the second and third generations. Oscar and Jean Jules Fuchs started the chemical raw material trade during this period. Agency organizations began and the first representative offices in the textile and chemicals sector became operational in Bucharest, Sofia and Athens.

  • 1956

    International vision with the first agency.

    Fuchs gained an international vision by becoming the representative of Sachtleben, the most important chemical raw material producer at the time. The company, which changed its name to 'Huntsman' in 2015 and 'Venator' in 2018, today has a wide range of products consisting of Titanium Dioxide, Barium Sulphate (Synthetic) and Lithopone.

  • 1950’lerin sonu

    Market leader

    As a result of rational agency strategies and initiatives, Fuchs has managed to become the market leader, especially in the Paint and Varnish industry.

  • 1960S

    Successful years in agency history

    In the 1960s, Fuchs filled the golden pages of its own history with many agency successes. The most important ones are Reichhold in 1960, Herberts in 1965 and General Electric Plastics in 1968.

  • 1965

    Entry into the 'Plastic' industry with EMS

    Fuchs, which has expanded its field of activity in the market from year to year in the supply of chemical raw materials, started to supply products in the field of "Engineering Plastics" with the EMS agency in 1965. EMS provides Electrostatic Powder Coatings and PRIMID supplies a wide range of products consisting of Epoxy Hardeners and Adhesives for the Rubber Industry.

  • 1970

    Another agency success… Wolff Walsrode

    Fuchs started to represent Wolff Walsrode, one of the world's leading nitrocellulose producers. Wolff Walsrode was acquired by Bayer a short time later.

  • 1968-1975

    FUCHS' brilliant market strategies

    Fuchs offered the products of the companies it represents to the domestic market with such qualified sales and marketing strategies that some manufacturers decided to open their own offices in Turkey with the wind of this success of Fuchs. The most prominent of these are the representation of General Electric Plastics, which started in 1968 and continued until 1988 when they established their own offices; It became the representative of DSM Polymers International in 1975. The agency of DSM Polymers International continued until 1996 when they opened their own offices in Turkey.

  • 1980

    Years of industry leadership

    Reinforcing its position in the Paint and Coating sectors since the 1950s, Fuchs accelerated the investments in the sales and logistics infrastructure. This was required for new representative offices and distribution initiatives.

  • 1985

    Turkey met with water-based resins

    Fuchs, which made the first promotion of water-based resins in Turkey was also the representative of Johnson Polymer, the world's most important water-based resin producer. Johnson Polymer's Joncryl and Jonwax products were first introduced to the domestic market by Fuchs.

  • 1989

    Strong partnership in the Paint Industry

    Fuchs; Signed an agency agreement with Tikkurila, an expert in Tinting Coloring Systems for Decorative, Industrial Paints and Thermoset Plastics. Tikkurila has continued its business life under the name of Chromaflo since 2000.

    Harcros Chemicals agency

    Fuchs signed an agency agreement with Harcros Chemicals, which is the leader in PVC stabilizer products.

  • 1990

    Fourth-generation and first distributorships

    From the beginning of the 1990s, Fuchs started its distributorship breakthroughs under the leadership of Oskar Fuchs, the fourth generation representative. Synthomer and Sun Chemical made company history as Fuchs' new distributorships. Synthomer; Polymer Emissions in Technical Textile, Paint and Construction Chemicals; Sun Chemical, on the other hand, joined Fuchs' trade network with its products in Organic Pigments, Pearlescent Pigments, Metallic Pigments and Pigment Dispersions.

  • 1991

    Mühlmeier distributorship

    Mühlmeier, which produces Grinding and Abrasive Beads in Ceramic, Glass and Steel structures, took its place in the distributorship network of Fuchs.

  • 1993

    Stronger distribution network infrastructure in Turkey

    Fuchs decided to develop a strong distribution infrastructure to expand its market space in Turkey and accelerate its investments in this direction. İzmir and Mersin became the cities where Fuchs put its new warehouse centres into operation.

  • 1996

    New business partner; Corob

    Producing Paint Coloring and Mixing Machines for the paint industry, Corob has joined Fuchs' ecosystem of business partners.

  • 2000

    Eye-catching collaboration in 'Paint'

    HCA's highly concentrated colourants have entered Fuchs' product supply portfolio.

  • 2004

    Innovation in trade name

    Fuchs changed its trade name to ‘Fuchs Kimyevi Maddeler Ltd. Şti.

  • 2014

    Lubrizol is at FUCHS with its innovative products

    Lubrizol, a manufacturer of Surface Conditioner (Waxes), Hyperdispersant and Polymer for Electrostatic Powder Coating, Industrial Paint, Ship and Wood/Furniture Paints, joined the FUCHS family with its innovative products.

  • 2017

    Agreement with the world giant in 'Contributions'

    A distributorship agreement was signed with Elementis, one of the global market leaders in the field of 'additives'. Elementis has a distinguished product portfolio in the field of Decorative and Industrial Paints, which is preferred in the wide geography of the world.

  • 2018

    Final identity in trade name

    Fuchs changed its trade name to Fuchs Kimya A.Ş.